Ernest Borel Embarks on New Journey to Excellence Launch Event of Braque Collection

(7 July 2017, Chengdu, Sichuan)Celebrating its 161st anniversary, the world-renowned Swiss watchmaker Ernest Borel sailed east with the Braque collection in a romantic journey that reached the “Land of Abundance”—Chengdu. Joining Ernest Borel in this sail where classic aesthetics crossed path with modern style were two brand ambassadors of Ernest Borel, namely the “Romantic Screen Siren” Kelly Chen and the “Prince Charming” Raymond Lam, who officiated at the Chengdu event by performing a turn at the helm with Mr Sit Yau Chiu, Chairman and CEO of Ernest Borel Holdings Limited, and Mr Renaud de Retz, CEO of Ernest Borel SA, marking the extraordinary moment when the expert Swiss horologist embarked on the journey to excellence with attending guests. In the Chengdu launch event, the romantic traits of Ernest Borel were eloquently translated into a grandiose stage inspired by European architecture, where the amorous leitmotif took the form of a love padlock that linked attending guests with the brand. “Eulogised as the ‘Land of Abundance’, Sichuan, and especially its capital city Chengdu, is prized for its natural and cultural treasures. Chengdu is a romantic and nostalgic city where History has left a mark on its myriad facets. This intrinsic bond with history, romance and cultural substance strikes a chord with Ernest Borel. This launch event affords us the pleasure to share with friends from Chengdu the stringent Swiss watchmaking standards and the quintessential style of Ernest Borel’s romantic timepieces,” Mr Sit Yau Chiu, Chairman and CEO of Ernest Borel Holdings Limited, commented. Heralded by romantic melodies and a pair of elegant silhouettes on the screen, Ernest Borel ambassadors Kelly Chen and Raymond Lam made a dazzling entrance to the stage. They gave the brand’s latest endeavour their best wishes while sharing with attending guests their 10-year romantic journey in partnership with Ernest Borel, one that engaged the imagination of all guests. The event culminated in the officiating ceremony that marked the launch of the new Braque chronograph collection, where Ernest Borel Holdings Limited Chairman and CEO Mr Sit Yau Chiu and Ernest Borel SA CEO Mr Renaud de Retz joined Kelly Chen and Raymond Lam to perform a turn at the helm that symbolised the beginning of a “journey to excellence”. Greeted with deafening ovation, the ceremony was followed by a captivating dance performance that narrated the romantic and timeless love with elegant and stylised movements. In the catwalk show that followed the dance, Kelly Chen and Raymond Lam showcased the latest creations of Braque chronograph collection with other models. Their elegant and stylish demeanour complemented the sophisticated aesthetic of the collection, lending itself to the unique glamour of Ernest Borel Braque chronographs. The passage of time bears witness to the growth of Ernest Borel from the past to the future! True to its belief that “Romantic moments last a lifetime”, the Swiss master watchmaker will sail on in its much-anticipated course towards romance and excellence.

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