ERNEST BOREL 2018 Extravaganza of Haute Horlogerie

Baselworld, the world’s most anticipated watches and jewelry fair, will be held between 22nd and 27th March 2018. Revered as the ‘paragon of Swiss couple watches, Ernest Borel, the premium Swiss watchmaker known for its romantic and elegant design lexicon, blends masculinity with femininity in innovative creations crafted to perfection with meticulous workmanship. Celebrating 162 years of refulgent history, the Swiss maison launches its latest timepieces in mid-March in a world-renowned extravaganza of Haute Horlogerie. In 2018, Ernest Borel takes cues from multiple sources of inspiration to design a fleet of carefully curated novelties. Along with the upgrade of ‘Retro Automatic Collection’ and ‘Iris Automatic Collection’, the brand also makes a statement in the world of horology with its brand-new ‘Grandeur Automatic Collection’ inspired by European architectural style. The new Grandeur Automatic Collection captures the essence of Gothic architecture in the form of watches, adorned with a unique Northern Hemisphere miniature, to elicit an impeccable visual experience for the wearer. New additions to Retro Automatic Collection signify the renaissance of antique pocket watches crafted with contemporary watchmaking skills. Iris Automatic Collection expands its offering with even more intricate craftsmanship by skilled artisans to create details of graceful femininity in an innovative rendition of the romance of butterflies and flowers depicted by designers.

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