Romantic Moments Ernest Borel Fall 2018 New Product Launch Event

(13 September 2018, Guangzhou) On 13 September 2018, world-famous Swiss watchmaker Ernest Borel unveiled its Fall 2018 collection at Guangzhou. The occasion was graced by Mr Tao Li who made his first public appearance in his tenure as General Manager of Ernest Borel Holdings Limited. He was joined by the new faces of the brand, namely international model Harin Moon and ‘Mister International’ Seung Hwan Lee, in the event where attending guests were immersed in the timeless romance shaped by Fall 2018 Ernest Borel timepieces. The design concepts of the three product lines featured in the event, as well as the latest Swiss watchmaking trends, were topics of the sharing session headlined by Ernest Borel’s master artisans whose design flair was reflected in the brand’s latest horological creations. Also speaking in the session was Mr Chang Wei, Founder of Watchina; director of Beijing Collectors’ Association; and member of the jury of Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève, who shared his insights into watchmaking history, the legacy of Ernest Borel and the collection of rare timepieces. In September 2018, Ernest Borel presented its latest creations for fall. The bespoke collection envisaged by master Swiss artisans continues to ooze with superior craftsmanship through individualistic details that shape the tripartite ensemble for couples, women and men. The three main product lines in the watchmaking world of Ernest Borel encapsulate the romantic quintessence of the Swiss watchmaker for the young and discerning to sport their stylish statement in the universal language of elegance. The romantic spirit of Ernest Borel lent itself to the theatrical prelude to the launch event, where the brand’s pas de deux logo came to life as two travellers in search of the right inheritor of their family heirloom. Amid the romantic melodies, memories from the past regained their lustre in a ballroom scene where Ernest Borel met a beautiful girl more than a century ago. The beautiful moments of the two dancing together were captured in photos, which ignited Ernest Borel’s inspiration in his creation of the romantic logo of the eponymous brand. Housed in a jewelled box as a treasured heirloom, the logo became the point of departure for a new journey into romance. Fast forward to the present and with a change in the theme tune, the new generation heir to the treasure took to the stage – the door opened to reveal Mr Tao Li, General Manager of Ernest Borel Holdings Limited, who took over the centennial legacy of Ernest Borel encapsulated in the jewelled box. This symbolic gesture heralded the brand’s continuous pursuit of excellence and craftsmanship, that will shine through history. “We will follow the footsteps of our predecessors in our pursuit of excellence by offering global aficionados the most beautiful timepieces that suit their character, demeanour and needs,” said Mr Tao Li. The event culminated in a dance performance that reinterpreted the passage of time from an artistic lens. The design concepts of Ernest Borel’s three product lines from the latest collection came to life in the elegant choreography. The enchanting performance was followed by a runway show where the new ‘Romantic Ambassadors’ – Harin Moon and Seung Hwan Lee – showcased the Fall 2018 collection of Ernest Borel with other models. They were joined by Mr Tao and the attending master Swiss artisan again to officiate at the launch ceremony. Introduced by Mr Tao to the attending guests, the new ‘Romantic Ambassadors’ immortalised the quintessential image of Romantic Couple that combines the elegant femininity as embodied by the Feminine Series and the debonair masculinity encapsulated in the Casual Series. With the dynamic but sophisticated demeanour that chimes with the modern elegance of Ernest Borel, Moon and Lee are the perfect face of the brand’s ‘Romantic Moments. Flown in from Switzerland for the occasion, the design maestro behind the latest Ernest Borel collection engaged in a pleasant talk with Mr Tao, and Mr Chang Wei, founder of Watchina; director of Beijing Collectors’ Association; and member of the jury of Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève, on the stage. Informed by his deep reservoir of knowledge in the horological field, Mr Wei shared his insights into the watchmaking history and the extraordinary heritage of Ernest Borel, as well as part of his collection of rare watches. The world-renowned designer of timepieces, on the other hand, shed light on the latest development trends in the international watch market. He then painted the design concepts of the three major seasonal product lines in the light of the latest fashion trends. As brief as it was inspirational, the talk added to the immersive experience of the memorable evening. The three major product lines of Ernest Borel Fall 2018 collection, namely the Romantic Series (a collection that seals the brand’s reputation as watchmaker for ‘romantic couples’); the Feminine Series (the glamorous statement of ‘elegant women’); and the Casual Series (the men’s collection that celebrates the effortless versatility of ‘urban gentlemen’), is set to delight a broad spectrum of customers with a new aesthetic experience that embodies an elegant, romantic and quality lifestyle. The sediments in the long river of time is imprinted in the horological world, where every romantic moment that links the past, the present and the future, is traced through the moving hands on the dial. In its relentless pursuit of excellence, Ernest Borel will build on its enduring values of romance and craftsmanship!

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