10 Years of Romance between Ernest Borel and Kelly Chen Unravelled

In the Summer of 2019, Ernest Borel celebrates a decade of fruitful partnership with Brand Ambassador Kelly Chen in ‘Romantic Wonders’ Advertising campaign. The enchanting charisma of the Asian pop diva is channelled into three distinctively romantic styles, lending her own brand of elegance to Ernest Borel’s horological expression of stylish romance. In the past 10 years, Kelly has been the face of romance in an indelible collection of the Swiss watchmaker’s campaigns. Her image, evolving from angel to mermaid and to romantic traveller, gets a divine spin in 2019 to become the Goddess of Romance who decipher the code of eternal love with Ernest Borel. Faithful to the brand philosophy of romance, elegance and vogue for 163 years, Ernest Borel is dedicated to the pursuit of watchmaking craftsmanship, through which the essence of eternal love is conveyed as the brand confirms its leading position as the paragon of Swiss-made couple watches. As a soulmate of Ernest Borel for 10 years, Kelly has enlivened the brand ethos ‘Romantic moments’ with her passion for exquisite lifestyle, her independence and confidence, her poised elegance, and her fairy-tale romance with her husband. For the new campaign, Ernest Borel taps famous photographer Sam Wong to capture Kelly in three different but complementing styles, each of them envisioned by Yee Chung Man, the Hong Kong Film Awards-winning costume designer and art director to bring out the multi-faceted beauty of women. The first style is inspired by Romantic Gift. It depicts Kelly, in all her grace and intuitive wit as a modern women, exulting at the gift presented by her lover. The second is themed after Eternity Love, where Kelly, clad in an champagne colour evening dress and an IP rose gold & stainless steel watch set with diamonds-Eternity Collection, dazzles in her subtle grandeur. Her elegance and sophistication is the perfect embodiment of the time-transcending love. The third concept is Blossoming with grace, an eloquent expression with Kelly in a ruffled dress in dusty pink, whose beauty unfurls like the spinning petal-inspired discs of the watch she wears. Her captivating gaze, overflown with passion and love, alludes to the enchanting tableau of dancing butterflies which adorns the dreamy Cocktail Collection. There was a pleasant intimacy to the photo shoot where sweet romance was in the air. Despite the decade-long partnership with Ernest Borel, Kelly said she still felt the mesmerising power of the brand’s 163 years of watchmaking savoir-faire and heritage. She happily shared a childhood anecdote about her first watch given by her father. ‘I was in the first year of my primary education when my father bought me a watch to teach me how to read time and remind me of its preciousness. I still remember how it looked, with a lid covering the dial.’ Since then, Kelly has developed the trait of punctuality. As witty as she is easy-going, Kelly exhibits the very essence of romance and elegance in her demure demeanour.

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