Ernest Borel Inaugurates “Romance 1856” High Speed Rail

On 15 January 2020, the “Romance 1856” train named after Ernest Borel embarked on its maiden journey in China. Officiating at the ceremony was Wen He, CEO of Ernest Borel Holdings Limited, who delivered a speech to commemorate the historic moment when the train set off with guests on board. The inauguration of Ernest Borel’s “Romance 1856” train marked the beginning of the brand’s nation-wide campaign in 2020, with a view to speeding up brand-building efforts in China. Within and without the train compartments, striking body wraps turn heads alongside posters and door pane stickers, overhead spreads, table top stickers, headrest and LED screens, painting a picture of delicate romance that heralds the dreamy and wonderful journey ahead. The all-round and immersive visual experience is sure to spread and promote the brand image effectively. Inside the compartments, a friendly voice announces, “Dear passengers, the train will soon arrive at Guangzhou South railway station, the last stop of this journey. This message is brought to you by Ernest Borel.” The intimate message delivers a rush of romantic and heartfelt happiness to passengers, evoking a sense of elegance and cosiness attached to the excellent services of Ernest Borel. Everlasting Moment—a Brand New Page for Ernest Borel Campaign Established in 1856, Ernest Borel has been upholding romance and precision as the principles for its mechanic beauty, earning it the reputation of “the paragon of Swiss-made couple watches”. But the story does not end there—the brand combines professional craftsmanship and grace to bring to its customers a unique shopping experience steeped in romance. Leveraging speed as the catalyst of economic growth in major hubs, the high speed railway of China is rewriting the history of railroads, building an expressway for greater influence which defies distance and time, just as Ernest Borel’s everlasting love that knows no bounds. The Ernest Borel “Romance 1856” high speed rail has now embarked on an express journey! Using on-train media as a conduit between passengers and the brand, the message of romantic and heartfelt happiness is duly spread through a holistic platform to embody the brand’s relentless pursuit, thus elevating the brand to new heights in terms of brand presence and reputation. As always, Ernest Borel is honoured to bring love to you, your family, your friends and beloved, non-stop. A whole new chapter in the romantic story of Ernest Borel begins in 2020!

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