Embark on Romantic Journey with Kelly Chen on Board Ernest Borel’s “Romance 1856”

In August 2020, Swiss watchmaker Ernest Borel comes aboard “Romance 1856” High Speed Rail with Brand Ambassador Kelly Chen in the latest advertising campaign entitled “Romantic Journey”. In the past 11 years of partnership, Kelly has been channelling her sophisticated charms and inscrutable demeanour into expressing Ernest Borel’s ethos of “Romantic Moments” with her own interpretation of some of the brand’s most iconic watch styles. In 2020, Kelly puts on another role as a travel ambassador in a romantic journey in search of everlasting happiness on board “Romance 1856”. Captured in a diverse yet complementing series of looks and poses, the very presence of Kelly—her poised elegance, her quiet beauty, her enchanting gaze—adds substance to the story of a multi-faceted woman in her pursuit of love. This year the new Heartful Collection inspired by the iconic dancing couple logo is launched to great anticipation, adding another emblem of the romantic brand DNA to Ernest Borel’s portfolio. In the romantic setting of Europe, the brand message of love and hope is conveyed by Kelly in a blue tulle dress, whose ethereal image echoes the silhouette of the dancing couple on the watch dial, the watch is a horological incarnation of a woman waiting for love in all her purity and gentleness. The Cocktail Collection, on the other hand, is love coming to fruition. Clad in a purple satin dress, Kelly radiates with her sweet smile and loving gaze. Surrounded by an aura of love, she evokes the destined moment when two lovers confirm their love for each other. The Cocktail Collection is elevated by a hollowed petal-shaped second and minute hand discs, with a poetic allusion to “The sight of love, flower, and you only”. It is an ode to consummate love despite all the ups and downs. With the yearly theme of “Romantic Journey” resonating emotionally with her, Kelly is delighted and honoured to embark on the journey through seasons and places on board “Romance 1856”. Talking about the campaign visual that impresses her most, she says, “I like the one in blue dress with my hair blowing in the Wild. It is a warm and romantic scene, one that feels like part of a very romantic love story, as though I’m waiting patiently for my lover.” Just as Ernest Borel celebrates romance with exquisite horological creations, Kelly sings the praises of life with her performance prowess. And the collaboration of two will continue to give lustre to the century-old story of romantic watchmaking.

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