Ernest Borel Invites You to Happy Reunion

With a bright full moon in the sky, families reunite at the Mid-Autumn Festival. Urbanites slow down the pace of life and share their happiness and excitement on this occasion. With a beautiful moon high in the sky, warmth and comfort brought by family reunion or romance of lovers closely hugging each other surrounded by wonderful flowers and green leaves seem more precious in the background of busy urban life. At this Mid-Autumn Festival, Ernest Borel wristwatches have magically transformed human love, family affection and friendship into its every detail and brilliantly embodied the state-of-the-art exquisite techniques will add some unforgettable surprises and most beautiful memories to your wonderful reunion occasion.

Tender Affection Grows into Eternal Love in the Golden Autumn



N0440GOA-MN2N (Men’s Watch)/ N0440LOA-MN2N (Women’s Watch)

Eternity Collection N0440 Watches for Lovers have carried romantic elegance of the brand for over 100 years, symbolizing eternal romantic love of wearers. Inspired by the Medieval Style of Northern Europe, the designer created the Eternity Collection to convey extremely romantic nostalgic feelings and vintage fever and highlight the eternal charming power of time. The unique water drop-shaped wristwatch lug design is one of the wristwatch’s highlights. The smooth and fine wristwatch lug has facilitated identification of the wristwatch and made it more extraordinary and more charming. The dial with fine water ripple pattern looks brief and generous, highlighting its outstanding texture. The ubiquitous exquisite detail processing of the wristwatch has extremely improved its ornamental value.



N0440GOC-MS9L (Men’s Watch)/ N0440LOD-MR7L (Women’s Watch)

The couple wristwatches always have charming colors and unique tastes no matter whether they are silver couple wristwatches or red and green wristwatches. With a full moon in the sky, accompanied by aromatic and intoxicating roses, the reflection of candle light on red glasses embodies the romantic atmosphere of the gathering and shows human tender feelings toward precious time — “The current precious time is passing like flowing water”.

Century-Old Romance and Classic Heritage


HERITAGE COLLECTION — 165th Anniversary Edition Couple Watches for Lovers 

N0440GOC-MS9L (Men’s Watch)/ N0440LOD-MR7L (Women’s Watch)

The integrative perfect posture lines of the heritage collection full of retro and nostalgic styles — the 165th Anniversary Edition Couple Watches for Lovers — has shockingly debuted and the design of the smooth junction between the watch case and the watch strap brings new visual and tactile experiences. The anniversary edition couple watches have breakthrough the traditional limit and adopted a design with colors and textures different from those of a traditional design, which has created a novel, unique and sweet combination for wristwatches. The brand has specially customized a decagonal case back for the 165th Anniversary Edition Couple Watches for Lovers. The case back with the workshop pattern of the Ernest Borel watch maker looks like a shining sophisticated badge of honor marking the 165th anniversary. With a unique style, the wristwatch is worthy tasting, appreciating and collecting for lifetime. At the happy festival for reunion, some unprecedented romance with an inflexible will as firm as stainless steel and rose gold tenderness is offered to you, let warm and elegant atmosphere always surround you and induce your lover to dream of his or her wonderful romantic love. 

European Style with Grandness and Magnificence


Ernest Borel watches that originated in Neuchatel, Switzerland — Land of Timepiece Makers — have always been influenced by European culture. Designers focus on the architectural art of Continental Europe and absorb inspiration from the architectural art. Combining with their super craft, they have created Grandeur Collection N0733 treasure wristwatches. Equipped with a mechanical movement, the wristwatch simultaneously has both the second time zone display function and the large mechanical calendar function. It has been specially designed for travelling merchants. Viewing from the front and back angles, the carefully chased movement structure can be clearly seen. The sweet mechanical rhymes of gear drive can be felt at any time. 18K rose gold material has been used to make multiple details of the wristwatch, which always gives out bright light and meaningful sentiment. The iconic European Gothic architecture style exudes grand, magnificent, mysterious and elegant temperament and charm. Grandeur Collection N0733 represents an elegant long-lasting visual high-quality product. It has been specially created for people enjoying romantic life. You can offer it to your relative or friend as a best gift to requite their goodness at the reunion festival. 

Sophisticated Wristwatch as Choice for Your Lover


Heritage Collection N0439 has inherited the classic and generous design characteristics of the collection and deduced the multiple aspects of modern women: graceful, firm, tenacious, perceptual and rational. The wristwatch dial is made of the pearly layer of the shell and some incredible iridescence can be seen on the dial. The uniqueness of the pearly layer symbolizes the incomparable preciousness of ladies. The designer has scattered 12 natural diamonds in the extremely romantic rose gold tone to intersperse them on the details of the wristwatch and display human female beauty as attractive as rose gold: exquisite, soft, gentle, meaningful and romantic. The classic and generous design for the appearance shows the temperament and demeanor. Natural diamonds are interspersed in subtle areas to demonstrate the wisdom of women to enjoy the beauty of extremely simple life. 

At this Mid-Autumn Festival, Ernest Borel wristwatches as timepieces always keeping good time will record the unforgettable gathering in the time of the wristwatch. You may prepare a festival gift for your lover, relative or friend, let the power of romantic time witness the sense of ceremony of the festival, capture scenes of sweet romance at the festival and turn the love into eternal protection.


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