With the belief of creating the outstanding timepieces under nurtured by the watchmaker grandparents, young Jules Borel began his long career of watch making in Neuchâtel, Switzerland, the “Watchmaking Kingdom”. Jules Borel aspired to establish his own brand, and aimed to turn the family business into an international corporate.


Jules Borel and his brother-in-law Paul Courvoisier founded Borel & Courvoisier Company.


Borel & Courvoisier Company exported the first batch of watches and clocks to Uruguay, establishing the Latin American market.


Borel & Courvoisier Company won the first prize by the Neuchâtel Observatory, the highest authority of Switzerland, and received a global sales license, establishing their significant position as a world-class watchmaking company.


Borel & Courvoisier Company won the Award rank second and sixth by the Neuchâtel Observatory.


Borel & Courvoisier Company was awarded the Certificate of Award in the Watch and Pocket Chronometers International Exhibition of Philadelphia in United States.


Timepieces made by Borel & Courvoisier Company were awarded the valuable gold medal for the Swiss watch industry in Paris, France. During this period, a contemporary revolution was born, winding the watch with a crown and a rod or bolt. This invention included a new winding system and a new method for time setting. This patent was epoch, played an important role in promoting the development of the timepiece industry


Jules Borel retired due to old age, and was succeeded by his son Ernest Borel.


Ernest Borel cooperated with Adamir Debrot, who was in charge of technology, and Ernest Borel changed the name into Ernest Borel & Cie. In particular, Ernest Borel gave full play to new inventions in gears and other accessories, such as screws and push pieces, thereby enhancing the reputation of the brand, driving the precision and perfection of products greatly.

In 1898, the trademark of this time-honored brand was born when a beautiful and romantic story took place. At a noble dancing party, young Ernest Borel met a beautiful girl. Their graceful dance attracted the envious eyes of a photographer, he couldn’t help taking a picture. The time stopped at that moving and romantic moment. The romantic moment inspired of Ernest Borel. The momentary feeling turned into a permanent affection of his heart. Then he designed the brand trademark of Ernest Borel with their dancing image. Despite the perpetual elapse of time, Ernest Borel did not stop producing watches, the image of the two dancing lovers of Ernest Borel left an unforgettably


The salespersons of Ernest Borel came to China over a six-month journey, and sold 388 Ernest Borel watches. It was since then that Ernest Borel had an indissoluble bond with China, a country with long history of civilization. Today, this historical fact is still recorded in the Watch and Clock Museum in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland.


Ernest Borel’s son Jean-Louis Borel joined the company, infusing a powerful new force into the company.


Jean-Louis took over this increasingly prestigious family business, and reorganized it into a limited liability company. The board of directors was composed of chairman Ernest Borel, director Jean-Louis and technical manager Adamir Debrot. This was a milestone in the course of development of the Ernest Borel watch family. Since then, with the combination of excellent tradition, consummate technology and modernized production line, Ernest Borel has continued to launch various exquisite timepieces and accessories.


Ernest Borel won the honor of Grand Prix in Greece. The dancing couple trademark of Ernest Borel was deeply impressed into the mind of the customer in international praises.


The C.O.S.C. (The Swiss Official Chronometer Control) awarded the certificate of Bulletin de marche to 4,172 Ernest Borel watches. This was undoubtedly an admirable achievement.


In order to cope with the long-term development and maintaining high quality of Ernest Borel watch, the Board of directors decided to spend and build a new factory, improving equipment to enhance the quality and yield the quantity in 1946. Construction started on the following year.


Inauguration of Ernest Borel held on 10 October 1947. During the inauguration, many notables attended.


In 1948, the new factory was well-equipped with advanced equipment and the company invested lots of resources in research and development work, the related projects of Ernest Borel moved a big step forward.


With China’s reformation and openness to the new business opportunities, the time-honored, refined and prestigious romantic brand of Ernest Borel was combined with the profound traditional culture and modern taste of China, receiving wide market recognition.


In 1997, Ernest Borel S.A. set up in La Chaux-de-Fonds.


Ernest Borel S.A. joins the Federation of the Swiss Watch Industry FH.


In order to cater the rapid expansion and further development of the brand, the factory and headquarters were reallocated from La Chaux-de-Fonds to Le Noirmont on February 28, 2009.


In 2010, Ernest Borel has achieved sustainable growth in market development and retail presences. New shops have been opened in Switzerland, United States, China, France, Russia, Turkey, Ireland and Ukraine. The sales network of Ernest Borel in China has expanded to over 800 point-of-sales.


Ernest Borel has achieved sustainable growth in market development and retail presences. Ernest Borel sales network in China expanded to over 1000 points-of-sale. Shares of Ernest Borel Holdings Limited (stock code: 1856) commenced dealing on the Main Board of The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited on 11 July 2014.


After a century and a half, with its rich cultural heritage and superb artistry, Ernest Borel revitalized under the new historical background, with a new attitude, steadily progress, towards a more brilliant future.