Ernest Borel establishes new factory in Switzerland

In order to cater to the expansion and further development of Ernest Borel, the factory is reallocated from La Chaux-de-fonds to Le Noirmont on February 28, 2009, the maximum output of the new factory could be reached 330,000 pieces of watches annually. The new factory mainly includes the administration building and production building two parts, the total area amounts up to 2,000 square meters. Architect uses the brand theme of ’Romance In Heart’ to design the administration building, which has the European classical concept, the building takes the white and the brown as the contrast, the geometry acme roof design and balcony, carrying the romance, elegance of the brand. The administration building has 3 floors, mainly for holding executive meeting and offices for executives, product research and development technicians, the 3rd floor is designed as showroom, demonstrating the history and latest watches of Ernest Borel. The new factory’s production building is a modernized new construction, with 2 floors, production line is especially designed for sophisticated products in the future. Besides original facilities and equipments from old factory, we also introduce the massive advanced production equipment and the user-friendly instrumentation. Settings of the production line conform to the Swiss Clock and watch Association and the international environmental protection standard. The company wishes to build on the past experience and achievements and to utilize the very latest in watch making technology in achieving harmony with the surrounding natural environment. New Ernest Borel factory address: Case postale 234, rue des Perrieres 8, CH-2340 Le Noirmont, Switzerland

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