Ernest Borel, Viann Zhang's Sincere Recommendation on Mother's Day

Manifested as a mother's persistent adherence and eternal selflessness, the maternal love is the most ordinary feelings but the greatest power. To pay a tribute to this warm love, Ernest Borel, with a long history of 166 years as the renowned paragon of Swiss-made couple watches, recommends some collections for all mothers. Born for romance, Ernest Borel has been upholding the brand concept of "Romantic Moments". Thanks to the persistence in the belief of creating and recording countless warm moments for love, and the relentless pursuit of exquisite craftsmanship, elegant design and excellent performance, Ernest Borel has always been able to make durable and brilliant watches one after another, which can accompany us for a lifetime. Right on the affectionate and warm Mother's Day, it is a time to express your love, miss and gratitude to your mother without shyness.


On this occasion, Viann Zhang, the brand ambassador of Ernest Borel, recommends time gifts together with her mother for all great mothers in the world, to give them pleasant festival surprises, and interpret eternal love and Romantic Moments. Let's believe in the power of time and the positive energy generated from love, as we always do.


Attractive and gorgeous flowers blooming for love

Every mother shifts from an adolescent girl to a modestly elegant woman with the passage of time, during which she will never give up to beautify and please herself. The Cocktail Collection of Ernest Borel wristwatches will add a fascinating brilliancy to mothers' wrists like gorgeously blooming flowers, with an expectation to bring all niceness in the world to our dear mothers.

图二:鸡尾酒系列 Cocktail Collection.jpg

Cocktail Collection


The Cocktail Collection is a particularly representative in the history of Ernest Borel, and has won the patent for watch design and many awards. The Collection gains its reputation for the magnificent awn star hollow dial design. The layered minute and second hands with beautiful and smooth lines form a magnificent and eye-catching visual effect, releasing the charm of eternity as bright as flowers, and leading the fashion in the wristwatch industry. Its design was inspired by the delicate pink and white Margaret daisy, with a petal-type dial rotating slowly on the pure white and clean enamel surface, like a flower blooming in the spring morning. The layered and dazzling minute and second hands rotate and overlap on and on, and the movement keeps running, carrying the expectation, enthusiasm and unlimited imagination, and the hope for overflowing love to mothers in the world.


Life-time dedicated and romance inherited

The maternal love is a wonderful thing that brings all the niceness into our world by an elegant and romantic approach. The beauty is the romantic heritage forged over time. On this Mother's Day, it is a good choice to give your mother the Heritage Collection of Ernest Borel wristwatch, to make her beautiful with you and to inherit the love and elegance.

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Heritage Collection

N0565G0A-MN2N (men's watch) / N0565B0A-MN2N (women's watch)

The Heritage Collection is a classic one of Ernest Borel made with centennial Swiss professional watchmaking process. With innovative inspiration and modern exquisite technology, classic replica wristwatches with modern fashion elements are launched under this collection, to pay a tribute to Ernest Borel's century-old heritage and renew the immortal legend. The 165th-anniversary couple wristwatches full of retro and nostalgic expressions present an integrated perfect shape and lines in a shocking manner, and the smooth joint design of the case and strap brings a new experience of visual and tactile senses; the dial is engraved with oil pressure pattern and sun pattern, and the multi-level design of the minute and second dials extending from the center to the outer brings a wonderful three-dimensional effect to the wristwatch; The case back etched with the pattern of Ernest Borel's Swiss watchmaking plant makes the wristwatch look like a dazzling, exquisite and commemorative 165th-anniversary badge of honor, which represents the love that transcends centuries and time, and bears the best blessings to mothers that everything goes as they wish. No matter how time zips by, mother's selfless and enduring love remains unchanged. The Heritage Collection wristwatch is a synonym of nobleness and luxury, which will bring a mother more fashion specific to an elegant woman.


As a mother, do everything her best for you, and as her child, you are the proudest gift that time has given her. On the time of Mother's Day, you are advised to express your gratitude to your unique mother with a brilliant wristwatch, to show your special love and let her enjoy the most beautiful moment. On this Mother's Day, do more contribution in our love for and gratitude to mother with a wristwatch recommended by Viann Zhang. Ernest Borel, together with the brand ambassador Viann Zhang, wishes all great mothers in the world a happy Mother's Day and a happy and healthy life!


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