Romantic Gift from Ernest Borel on 520 Valentine's Day - Romance on the Wrist

May of early summer is a month for romantic love. Those deep-seated feelings of love await a romantic ceremony to officially declare their presence. Since its establishment in 1856, Ernest Borel, which is known as the "model of Swiss couple watches", has adhered to the corporate ethos of "Romantic Moments" and designed numerous classic couple watches with perfect time language and delicate mechanical aesthetics. As 520 Valentine's Day is approaching, Ernest Borel has selected for you the precious gift of time with the engraved fleeting heartbeat. Give your beloved one a romantic ceremony, boldly declare your affection and express the eternal and long-lasting love, and let love shine endlessly and the sweet moment be recorded by time forever.


A Dance of Love

Fate, indescribable in its beauty. Love always comes unnoticed, be it with a turn of the body, or be it with a glance of the eyes. From the moment of initial attraction to a lifetime of companionship, time becomes a medallion on the wrist, accompanying us through the seasons. On the upcoming 520 Valentine's Day, love will no longer remain silent within the heart. With the Heartful Collection, a series of sincere watches, may you unlock infinite moments of excitement and make a romantic declaration.


 Heartful Collection 

N0519G0A-CN4N (Men's Watch) / N0519L0A-MY4N (Women's Watch)

Celebrate the centuries-old romance, create masterpieces of true love. As one of the representative works embodying the elegant and romantic genes of Ernest Borel, the Heartful Collection presents the most sincere, sweet, and romantic moments of love to the public through couple watches, offering a fresh perspective on aesthetics. The silhouette of the couple dancing together at the six o'clock, holding hands and gazing at each other, captures a moment of eternity, fixing the time of passionate love. The hidden affection that cannot be concealed resonates gently with the loving gaze. The silver textured dial is engraved with intense passion, elegantly presenting the profound love hidden within time. The men's watch is equipped with a COSC-certified Swiss Observatory movement, ensuring precise and stable timekeeping, meticulously recording every second of love. The women's watch is adorned with a diamond-set bezel, radiating brilliance and highlighting the charm of women. The intense affection leaps on the wrist, and as the distinctive butterfly-shaped second hand of Ernest Borel gently rotates, the heart gradually flutters, immersing in a romantic and lingering atmosphere.



Brilliant Sparkle in Love

Time quietly passes by, and the hands sweep through the seasons on the wrist. Love becomes clearer and more steadfast with each recurring rotation. On the 520 Valentine's Day, make a promise of loyalty to your loved one with the Royal Collection. Every unique and sparkling diamond on the wrist becomes a witness to the covenant of love, engraving eternal memories with a perfect timepiece.


 Royal Collection

N0402G0A-MN2N(Men's Watch)/N0402L0A-MN2N(Women's Watch)

The Royal Collection, which combines Ernest Borel's profound watchmaking attainments and the essence of the heritage brand, showcases dazzling diamonds set on a captivating rose gold background, reflecting an unparalleled brilliance that enhances the depth of love, creating a more passionate spark between two loving souls. The radiant natural diamonds gently touch the heart with their fiery light, while the willow-shaped hands, inspired by the Ernest Borel "butterfly," elegantly connect with the romantic atmosphere. The rose gold color scheme infuses sweetness into love, interweaving the memories of love and bringing a thousand tender feelings into the heart. With each movement of the wrist, the exquisite couple watches outline an elegant charm, revealing a soft and beautiful texture. The perfect balance between simplicity and noble elegance allows sincere intentions to be fully expressed on the wrist.


Infinite Love for a Lifetime

Companionship is the most profound declaration of love. The world is blessed with beautiful emotions, knowing, loving, and staying with each other, vowing unwavering commitment, and walking hand in hand until the end of the line. On the 520 Valentine's Day, present your loved one with the gift of time and make a promise of lifelong companionship in the name of eternity.


 Eternity Collection

N0435G0C-MS6L(Men's Watch)/N0435LAC-MS6L(Women's Watch)

Ernest Borel has always been using romantic sentiments to define love, believing that true love can transcend time and exist eternally. The dial of the Eternity Collection is decorated with the brand's characteristic "Ernest Borel pattern", resembling a blooming camellia, radiating flawless love and witnessing the commitment to stay together. The men's watch features a textured dial that encapsulates intense affection, while the women's watch is adorned with scattered stars, enveloping an aura of mystery and romance. The deep blue tone symbolizes "unforgettable love," and the leather strap with crocodile grain provides a soft touch, complemented by a robust and secure crown protection design, offering comprehensive care to your beloved. Love has no endpoint. Transform romantic words into exquisite timepieces, allowing tender affection to intimately accompany you on your wrist, collecting sweetness and expressing unforgettable sentiments within the enchanting halo of love.


For those who are deeply in love with each other, love is not just about the passing days but also about every moment. With Ernest Borel watches as the gift of time, play a harmonious duet of love, capturing romantic sentiments with your loved one and embarking on a sweet rendezvous. Unlock infinite moments of excitement and immerse yourselves in the wonderful melody of early summer. Ernest Borel wishes all lovers in the world to find eternal happiness together. Happy 520 Valentine's Day!



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