Ernest Borel: A Duet of Love to Mother's Day

Ernest Borel: A Duet of Love to Mother's Day

In the years of our growth, mothers have supported us with their selfless love through every stage of our lives. As Mother's Day is approaching, we would like to pay our most sincere respect and gratitude to mothers all over the world. Mother's Day is not just a holiday; it is a day worth commemorating and expressing gratitude. Established in 1856, Ernest Borel has a rich heritage of 167 years and has always upheld the corporate ethos of "Romantic Moments" to pay tribute to the eternal motherly love in the world through the power of time. With a belief in creating and capturing countless heartwarming moments for love and an unwavering pursuit of exquisite craftsmanship, elegant design, and outstanding performance, we have created timepieces that shine perpetually and can accompany us throughout our lives. As we welcome the warm and loving Mother's Day in the tender month of May, let us seize this opportune moment to commemorate the tolerance and greatness of a mother's love through the passage of time, giving our love a unique way to express itself.


A mother's love is synonymous with companionship. She dedicates her time and is never absent during every important moment in life. In the warm month of May, as Mother's Day approaches, Ernest Borel brand spokesperson Zhang Xinyu, together with her mother, carefully selects Ernest Borel timepieces as special gifts for all the great mothers in the world. Let the dual symphony of love be played to repay the selfless love of mothers and witness their elegant charm.

Love Shines Like a Star

Regardless of the passage of time and changes, mother's love, shining like a dazzling constellation in the vast night sky, always warms the heart, illuminating every journey of life for a child.



 Galaxy Collection


Galaxy Collection, a series inspired by the gentle power of the stars, captures the essence of a resilient mother who shines brightly in her silent devotion. The warm and lustrous white marble enamel dial encounters the splendor of gemstones, adding a touch of beauty and romance to a mother's wrist. The surface is adorned with 48 sparkling crystals, a magnificent tribute to motherhood. The dazzling and dreamy glow exudes an aura of grace and elegance with every movement, showcasing the sophistication and tenderness of women. The intricate sword-shaped hands reveal glimpses of the dial's intricate texture, creating an elegant and enchanting lace-like layering effect. The delicately placed calendar window at 6 o'clock adds a touch of self-indulgent elegance to a mother's wrist.


Heartful Love, Everlasting and Unchanging

The love and care of a mother remain steadfast, unwavering amidst the rising and setting of the sun, the shifting of constellations. Like the warm rays of the sun and the steadfastness of the moon, a mother's love is genuine and enduring, untouched by the passage of time.



Heartful Collection

Heartful Collection, a series that embodies sincere emotions, showcases the exquisite craftsmanship of the brand and epitomizes the beauty of its romantic culture. Transforming heartfelt love into elegant timepieces, it encapsulates everlasting sincerity and is one of the representative works that exudes Ernest Borel's elegant and romantic genes. The unique and elegant silver-white oil-pressed dial surface creates a sense of luxury, portraying the essence of mother's love from a fresh aesthetic perspective. Each watch comes with a unique code, symbolizing the mother's one-of-a-kind love. Equipped with a Swiss-made automatic movement, it allows the sentiments to flow with time, ensuring that gratitude and fond memories never fade away on the wrist.



Blossoming of Time

Time passed is not gone, instead it unfolds a captivating power of both strength and gentleness. The elegance nurtured by the passage of time never fades in a mother's beauty, just like the enduring 167-year legacy of the red of Ernest Borel, which embodies the warmth and splendor of time, full and passionate.



 Cocktail Collection


The Cocktail Collection, with its patented design and numerous awards, combines principles of physics, classical aesthetics, and Swiss watchmaking craftsmanship. Inspired by the Marguerite daisy, the star-shaped openwork hour disc blossoms gradually on the pure and pristine enamel surface as time flows, creating a resplendent and refined appearance that mirrors a mother's graceful demeanor refined by the years. The magnificent and sparkling rose gold radiance spreads throughout every corner of the timepiece, like a romantic ode dedicated to eternal motherly love. The noble and elegant crown is designed to exude a light and agile touch. The watch is paired with a delicate leather strap with crocodile grain, providing a comfortable and harmonious wearing experience for mothers.



Mothers are always the most important people in our lives, and their love will always accompany us through every journey of life. Offering time as a gift, playing a duet of love, we celebrate Mother's Day by engraving the moments of serenity into a fragrant era. Ernest Borel, together with brand spokesperson Zhang Xingyu, extends warm wishes to all mothers around the world, wishing them a happy Mother's Day!



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