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A father's love is like an umbrella that shields the wind and rain; a father's love is like a mountain that stands up silently. In the eyes of a child, a father is an invincible hero, guarding the family with willpower and strength, carrying the weight of the world on his broad shoulders. Fathers are always profound and understated, yet passionate and romantic. On this Father's Day, Ernest Borel, the prestigious watchmaking heritage of 167 years, has carefully prepared a sincere gift for you and your father. Feel the existence of love together with father and express your deep love by heart.


Echoes of Gratitude from Golden Days

When a man is called "father", an irrevocable responsibility lies on his shoulders, driving him to mature and become a reliable hero in the family. Looking back on the long years, it was the gentle hands of the father that held our small hands, guiding us through the stormy and stumbling times along the winding path of growth.


Braque Collection



Inspired by the Cubist concept of the artist Braque, the Braque Collection watches are artistic masterpieces that combine the elements of sculptural shaping, textured variations, and projection of light and shadow. The watchmaker ingeniously employs different cross-sections to create a deeply layered cubist dial, exuding a sense of depth just like the multifaceted image of a father. The shimmering diamond hour markers and the polished golden bezel radiate captivating brilliance, showcasing a dignified and understated elegance that reflects the golden years of a father. In the blink of an eye, we have grown up. Let's express our love through actions and choose a watch that shines as brightly as our father's love. With its gilded splendor and intrinsic value, let our love always accompany our fathers' wrists, offering gratitude and paying tribute to their greatness.


Navigators on the Path of Time

The trials and tribulations of real life have not worn out the resilience of our fathers, and their rich life experiences have given them more knowledge and insight. His story is a book of lessons to be treasured, guiding us on our journey and accompanying us in our exploration of life.


 Retro Collection


In homage to every fearless father who braves the unknown, the Retro Collection chronograph pays tribute. They sail through life's challenges, constantly pushing themselves beyond their limits. Crafted with meticulous craftsmanship, the chronograph features three unique sub-dials for 60 seconds, 30 minutes, and 12 hours, delivering unparalleled precision and ease of timekeeping. Within seconds and minutes, a grand symphony unfolds, showcasing its competitive nature within a sporty and business style. The elegant hand design exudes classic subtlety, revealing its inherent beauty and igniting inspiration and resonance deep within. The refined silver tone wraps around the wrist, radiating a subtle brilliance and formidable presence, empowering him to confidently navigate through life's adventures.


Fatherly Love, Infinite and Everlasting

A father's love for his child remains unwavering, unaffected by circumstances, and undiminished by the passage of time. It is a deep and subtle love that lasts for generations and is passed down from one bloodline to another. It is just like the love contained in the watch, hidden on the wrist, carrying our lifelong admiration.


 Heritage Collection


The Heritage Collection watches are exceptional creations by the Ernest Borel watchmakers, paying tribute to a century of craftsmanship, bridging the breadth of time and connecting the depth of family bonds, a salute to the everlasting days of a father's love. The dial is meticulously designed with varied patterns, presenting a visually pleasing experience with its exquisite details and minimalist elegance, perfectly matching the mature and dignified demeanor of a father. The natural diamonds symbolize the essence of enduring time, accompanied by the luxurious aesthetics of polished sandblasted facets, radiating a multi-dimensional brilliance, a witness to the eternal love across generations. Furthermore, the anniversary edition watch features a custom-made decagonal case back engraved with the emblem of the Swiss watchmaking workshop, carrying forward the spirit of craftsmanship. It is like a distinguished emblem of honor, a valuable collectible that celebrates the infinity of a father's love.

A father's love is silent, yet everlasting, forming a vast and boundless ocean. The love that is hidden in your heart is waiting for you to carefully savor it. On this Father's Day, express your love through actions and reciprocate his boundless love with a heartfelt timepiece. Ernest Borel wishes all fathers around the world a joyful holiday!


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