Romantic Gift for Qixi Festival from Ernest Borel - Heartfelt Love through Eternity

Ernest Borel, founded in 1856, has always been known as the "Paragon of Swiss-made couple watches", and has consistently embraced superb watchmaking craftsmanship and innovative designs, aiming to convey beautiful blessings and praises for love. As the years rush by, let's together witness the beauty of love and follow its journey through the passage of time. The Qixi Festival is a delightful occasion, where romance often unfolds unexpectedly. Love will be compiled into poetic expressions and infused into the wrist along with the autumn breeze. Love is present in Qixi, residing within the heart. Ernest Borel presents a carefully selected surprise of time, a sincere gesture of love, opening the door to the initial ambiguity of infatuation, savoring the sweetness of budding romance, and bearing witness to the eternity of love.


Emergence and Confession of Love

There are times when two hearts meet, the irresistible attraction between them feels like a destined encounter. At that moment, time seems to stand still, with only the intertwining gaze and the echo of heartbeats in the ears. The wonderful and mysterious emotions between the two mark the beginning of something special.


Heartful Collection

N0519G0A-CN4N (Men's Watch) / N0519L0A-MY4N (Women's Watch)


Time is a precious gift, witnessing the eternity of each moment. The Heartful Collection is born for love, representing the brand's romantic and elegant genes. The romantic silhouette of the couple gracefully dancing at 6 o'clock commemorates a glamorous encounter at a ball, crafting an eternal chapter for love at first sight. The women's watch features a bezel adorned with 72 translucent and brilliant natural diamonds, shimmering like the pure and sincere beginning of affection. The men's watch is equipped with a COSC (Controle Officiel Suisse des Chronometres) certified mechanical movement, offering precise timekeeping and exceptional performance, every minute and second resonating with the heartbeat of love.


Love Blossoms in Sweetness

Ambiguous emotions rise romantically with time, and love blossoms like vibrant flowers under the sun, emitting a sweet aroma that brings endless warmth and joy to each other. Let time become the witness and commitment of love, injecting love and happiness into every blissful moment.


Retro Collection

N0405G0A-MN2N (Men's Watch) / LBR8280-212 (Women's Watch) 

The Ernest Borel Retro Collection aims to bring romance and the pursuit of a better life to consumers, perfectly continuing the classic style of the wristwatch while incorporating trendy fashion elements, exuding an elegant retro trend. Love is a practice of time. Like dripping water, time flows gently. Love doesn't need words, it needs to be delicately felt with the heart. The watch is equipped with a Swiss mechanical movement, and every tick of the second hand records the merging of two hearts. The oil-pressed grid pattern on the dial is like an elegantly delicate letter, engraving every bit of time spent together. The distinctive rose gold circle surrounds the center of the stainless steel bracelet, gracefully outlining the rhythm of time, symbolizing the unchanging commitment between lovers, the unchanging tenderness in their eyes. Love is right now and right here.

Everlasting Love Crosses Time

Love is a collection of sweet moments in daily life, a lifelong heartbeat, an enduring imprint that transcends the constraints of time and space. Even as stars change positions in the sky, two hearts in love remain closely entwined, a continuous stream of affection filling every moment together.


Heritage Collection

N0565G0D-MS6S (Men's Watch) / N0565L0E-MR6L (Women's Watch)

Time is the eternal witness, every minute and second of companionship co-writing an endless romantic poem. The Heritage Collection's 165th-anniversary commemorative watch safeguards enduring and complete love. The watch features a custom decagonal caseback engraved with the Swiss Ernest Borel factory emblem, paying tribute to the brand's century-old classics, creating a valuable collectible emblem, an eternal legacy of love. The watch employs a multi-layered dial design, combined with a trapezoidal calendar window at 6 o'clock, creating a highly designed dial that balances both artistry and practicality. The men's watch uses a H-shaped steel bracelet, symbolizing interconnected hearts. The women's watch's diamond-studded surface is matched with a rose gold case, sparkling and dancing around the wrist, reflecting the elegance of the wearer.

Sincere love deserves to be cherished from the "core". As Qixi Festival approaches, in this perfect moment to express love, Ernest Borel brings surprise tokens of affection to ignite sparks of passion. With exquisite couples' watches, we witness the beautiful moments between lovers. Wishing all lovers in the world a happy Qixi Festival, may love find its way!



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