Ernest Borel opens with international GASSAN Boutique in Singapore's Changi Airport

Ernest Borel expands its business in Singapore, with an opening at the GASSAN boutique located in Singapore Changi Airport, signifying a strategic collaboration of significant commercial importance and market influence. Singapore Changi Airport,  is not only one of the largest transportation hub in Asia but also proves to be an ideal shopping destination for watch enthusiasts. Through the strategic partnership with GASSAN WATCHES, Ernest Borel will showcase a wide range of exquisite timepieces, from classic styles to innovative designs, providing customers with an integral shopping experience by catering to their preferences.


Singapore Changi Airport: A Transportation Hub Connecting the World

Singapore Changi Airport has emerged as a vital hub connecting travelers from around the world, serving millions of passengers annually. The airport has gained acclaim for its exceptional services and retail experiences. With its luxurious shopping areas and duty-free outlets, Changi Airport provides an ideal location for international luxury watch brands to establish their presence in the Asian market. GASSAN, as an internationally renowned watch retailer, has garnered a strong reputation and presence in Singapore Changi Airport. Over the years, GASSAN has become well-known for its extensive brand selection, professional services, rich history, and diverse business offerings.


About GASSAN: A brilliant choice

GASSAN is the official dealer of more than 20 of the world's most prestigious jewelery brands and more than 60 of the world's most exclusive watch brands,offering customers an unparalleled luxury shopping experience. GASSAN perfectly embodies the commitment to precision, elegance, and innovation that Ernest Borel represents. Whether it's watch enthusiasts or consumers in search of high-quality timepieces, they can find products and services that meet their needs at GASSAN WATCHES.


About Ernest Borel: The Perfect Fusion of Tradition and Innovation


Founded in 1856, Ernest Borel carries forward a profound heritage of many years, seamlessly intertwining advanced technology with the Swiss tradition of watchmaking craftsmanship. This harmonious fusion has earned Ernest Borel numerous accolades from patent offices and authoritative horological institutions, firmly establishing its pivotal stature within the realm of timepieces. Guided by a spirit of romantic optimism, Ernest Borel champions a brand philosophy encapsulated in “Romantic Moments”. This philosophy has driven the creation of countless iconic couples watches, earning Ernest Borel the illustrious title of “Swiss Exemplar of Couple's Watches”. Characterized by meticulous watchmaking craftsmanship, exquisite exterior design, and exceptional interior quality, the brand presents an irreplaceable artistic masterpiece for those who relentlessly pursue perfection, embrace fashion and romance. Ernest Borel's creations stand as witness to genuine romance and love, resonating with people worldwide who cherish these ideals.



POS Address:


60 Airport Boulevard, Changi airport Terminal 2, #03-507, Singapore

Ernest Borel Official Website:

Customer Service Hotline:400 830 3865/800 830 3865




Ernest Borel Watches --- Classic Masterpiece Watches

Engraving History ∙ Preserving Romance


Heartful Collection

N0519G0A-CN4N / N0519L0A-MY4N


Echoing a century of romance, crafting masterpieces of true love. The Heartful Collection, as one of Ernest Borel's most iconic embodiments of the brand's elegant and romantic DNA, takes a fresh aesthetic approach. It magnificently encapsulates the world's most sincere, sweet, and romantic moments of love through the portrayal of couples on timepieces, breathing life into these emotions for all to witness. Couples dancing in silhouette at six o'clock, hands held, eyes locked in an eternal moment of profound tenderness, capturing the essence of passionate moments, unable to conceal the joy, and resonating with the gentle echo of affection in their eyes. The silver-white dial, adorned with a hydraulic texture, etches the fervent and passionate sentiments, elegantly presenting the genuine love concealed within the passage of time. The men's timepiece is equipped with a Swiss Observatory COSC certified movement, ensuring precise and stable timekeeping, meticulously recording every second of love. The women's timepiece adorned with a diamond-set bezel sparkles and shines, accentuating the captivating charm of women. Intense emotions resonate on the wrist; as the distinctive butterfly-shaped seconds hand of Ernest Borel gently rotates, an inner excitement gradually surges, immersing you in a romantic and enchanting ambiance.

Chronicles of Time ∙ Blossoming on the Wrist


Cocktail Collection


The Cocktail Collection stands as a highly representative series in Ernest Borel's history, adorned with numerous awards and patents for watch exterior design. The series showcases the renowned star-shaped skeletonized dial, an exquisite layering of intricately designed hour and minute hands that move and intertwine, creating a captivating visual spectacle with each rotation. Radiating a mesmerizing brilliance akin to blooming flowers, this design embodies eternal allure, leading the trends within the watchmaking industry. Inspired by the daisy flower, the timepieces within this collection feature petal-like rotating discs that gracefully spin on the pristine enamel surface, reminiscent of petals unfurling on a vibrant spring morning. This portrayal encapsulates the modern, bold pursuit of love by contemporary women, crafting a beautiful scene of modern fashionable femininity. These timepieces, much like the modern woman who courageously chases dreams and love, vividly embody the tender and passionate emotions that accompany the arrival of love.

Wisdom in Life ∙ Insight into the World


Sage Collection

N0737G0A-MV9S/ N0737G0B-MH6S / N0737G0C-MV5S


The Sage Collection timepieces are crafted as a tribute to generations of skilled watchmakers at Ernest Borel, embodying their wisdom and spirit of diligence. This collection shares the philosophy of wisdom with global consumers, embracing a life of romance and insight. The Sage Collection features a modern and dynamic sporty design, housing a Swiss-made mechanical movement. With a remarkable water resistance of 200 meters (20ATM), it reflects Ernest Borel's profound exploration of waterproof technology, a perfect manifestation of time's wisdom. The gradient sunburst dials in shades of green, blue, and black, coupled with silver trapezoid indexes adorned with luminous material, create a harmonious and enduring “time texture”, accentuating the meticulous craftsmanship behind the watch's design, showcasing the essence of “sage” elegance. The Sage Collection timepieces accompany you on a journey of self-exploration and discovery of all possibilities in the world.  


Classic Reproduction ∙ Grandeur and Elegance


Retro Collection

N0404G0L-MS6S / N0404G0M-MS9S / N0404G0N-MS6S


The Retro Collection N0404G timepiece seamlessly fuses the globally celebrated multi-colored dial with a reimagined version of the octagonal case design from the brand's 1975 release. This brings forth a metallic sheen and a profound three-dimensional aesthetic to the mechanical watch. The globe-inspired oval-shaped hour markers serve as indicators of cardinal directions, symbolizing loftiness of ideals and aspirations. Driven by a Swiss mechanical movement, the timepiece features a gradient sunburst dial in shades ofskyblue, green, and blue, upholding the intricate Swiss watchmaking craftsmanship and style while achieving breakthroughs and innovation. It seamlessly merges vintage charm with contemporary flair, renewing the timeless classic. The design symbolizes our journey to the cosmos, observing Earth from a celestial perspective, experiencing the awe-inspiring charm that the divine touch has endowed upon our planet. Each wearer is encouraged to surpass self-imposed boundaries, elevate ideals, embrace challenges, and create remarkable legacies, ultimately reaching the zenith of the world! The Retro Collection opens the door to a world where retro meets innovation, where the past and present intertwine in a harmonious display of exceptional horology.   

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