Precious watch by Ernest Borel embarks your romantic moment in Lunar New Year

The Year of the Ox has seen wonderful moments, and the Year of the Tiger is looking forward to a year of good luck. We hope that the wonderful festive vibes will bring you joy, auspiciousness, warmth, happiness, and enjoyment this holiday season. Ernest Borel, the "paradigmatic couple watch brand from Switzerland," will celebrate the Spring Festival by imbuing its century-old watchmaking achievements and passionate attitude into a timepiece with elegant style and romantic blessings, thereby creating a gift that speaks to you in the romantic new year. Ernest Borel is more than happy to collaborate with you to ring in the new year of good fortune!


Life would be level up by heartful love


Heartful Collection

N0519G0A-CN4N (men's watch) / N0519L0A-MY4N (women's watch)

The new Heartful Collection perfectly captures the sweetest and most romantic moment of love in the world with a new aesthetic perspective in the design of the Heartful Collection, which is positioned as a couple watch. As a masterpiece inheriting the brand's elegant and romantic genes in the history of Ernest Borel, it serves as an unrivalled choice for Chinese New Year gifts. Convert the heartfelt blessings bestowed upon him or her into Ernest Borel's Chinese New Year offering, open up the new year of the Tiger together, and join hands to embark upon a new year with cherry on top.

The men's watch N0519G is powered by a Swiss-made mechanical movement that has been certified by the COSC Observatory. With excellent precision and perfect performance, it is capable of recording the happy moments of the New Year; the women's watch N0519L has a dial inlaid with 6 natural diamonds and a bezel set with 72 natural diamonds. Bright and beautiful, diamonds boast a dazzling radiance, bringing a splash of color to the New Year's celebration. The 6 o’clock position of the dial is designed with a calendar window featuring an 18K gold couple dancing silhouette, implying that lovers would hold hands and dance together round the clock in the sweet and happy new year.


Precious Yally melts your heart



Yally Collection

N0501G0B-QR4L (men's watch) / N0501L0B-QR4L (women's watch)

The Yally series is designed with "simplicity" in mind, presenting watchmaking expertise concisely and succinctly, a great representation of the craftsman's spirit of perfection. With the romantic New Year approaching, let's witness the unswerving original intent of love together.

The Yally Collection of new watch N0501 embodies the spirit of pure beauty for lovers, guiding every relationship to a pure and lovely beginning. The sleek case's beauty is enticing, as is the flexible and light wearing experience. The oil pressure shading is exquisitely ornamented without redundancy. The refined appearance is encased in a delicate and careful architecture that demonstrates a detached, romantic, simple, and elegant fashion appeal. By condensing romance's splendor and returning to its origins, Yally Collection brings you back to the first heartbeat and unending sweetness of love that you first felt when you first met your special someone.


Cheer for Eternity love


Eternity Collection

N0440G0C-MS9L (men's watch) / N0440L0D-MR7L (women's watch)

Inspired by the Nordic "medieval style," the designer created the Eternal Collection of couple watch N0404, capturing the ultimate romantic retro fascination, showing the eternal power of time, and implying that every wearer can have an eternal romantic love. The Eternity Collection of watches by Ernest Borel is a conscious choice in red and green colorways that speak to the spirit of Spring Festival and convey a new dynamic attitude with an eye-opening visual tension.

In the Eternity Collection, the curving aesthetics of the watch are paired with a treasured passion for everlasting love in each magnificent and sparkling detail. The water wave shading dial goes hand in hand with the waterdrop-shaped lugs, giving the shape a gorgeous style, showing the tenderness of time presented by "fleeting years". The men's watch with a green dial, highly sought after by watch enthusiasts, adds vigor and vitality to the New Year's style; the women's watch with the gilt case and the wine red dial in stark contrast shows the radiant and dazzling appeal of women. Good luck will ensue, and the popularity is here to stay! Celebrate the New Year by gifting the Eternity Collection of couple watch, which will bring the new year good fortune.


Blessedness brimming by love romantic heritage


Heritage Collection

N0565G0A-MN2N (men's watch) / N0565B0A-MN2N (women's watch)

Inspired by the brand essence "Romantic Moments", a special 165th-Anniversary Edition of Heritage Collection of couple watch manifests the brand's extraordinary watchmaking achievements and profound cultural legacy. The Heritage Collection full of commemorative significance opens a new chapter for 2022, allowing love to be passed down through generations.

The 165th-Anniversary Edition of couple watch is equipped with a tailor-made decagonal rear cover etched with an image of Ernest Borel's Swiss watch factory by Ernest Borel's watchmakers, marking its 165 glorious years of brilliance and splendor from one generation to another. Natural diamonds distilled the essence of perpetuity, implying the tenacity and eternity of love. With the unique design of smooth sanded and engraved bevel time index shining luxury charm from various perspectives, the watch serves as the best gift for lovers, relatives, and friends on New Year's Day, weddings, anniversaries, and other festivals. At the beginning of the New Year, the Heritage Collection harnesses the power of time to send thousands of couples best wishes for the new year, anticipating and yearning for the everlasting perfection of love.

Pray for the new year with propriety. In this romantic moment of sharing your love and good wishes with your partner, family, relatives, and friends, you may desire to express your deep love with delicacy and make a present of the Ernest Borel watch, filled with good wishes, to kick off the romantic moment of the new year. May you be surrounded by good fortune every second, and may you enjoy your well-being day and night, and may you always be accompanied by contentment. As Valentine's Day approaches, Ernest Borel watches freeze the romantic moments of true love for lovers, and ingeniously creates romantic tokens that are instantly accessible at your fingertips. Every second, the festival's warmth and enjoyment are perpetuated by the ritual of companionship. We hope that all of the world's lovers may experience the exquisite and eternal happiness that comes from the bond of love that brings two people together.




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