1. Please be aware that the level of waterproofness varies with different watch models and must be taken into account when you wear them.

2. To shorten or lengthen the watch strap ask a professional. Do not do it by yourself.

3. The sapphire crystal has a hardness of 9 on the Mohs scale, with strong resistance, but avoid collisions with materials with a hardness of 10 such as diamond,corundum or similar materials.

4. The crown must be pushed back into its original position or tightened firmly after use.

5. Do not operate the crown in or under water.

6. Protect the watch from falling or colliding with another object.

7. Keep the watch away from strong magnetic fields such as. hi-fi equipment and refrigerators, etc;

8. Do not wear the watch in a hot bath or sauna, etc;

9. If the watch has been exposed to seawater, rinse it immediately with running tap water and dry it with a soft cloth.

10. The watch should not remain in prolonged contact with sweat or acidic/alkaline products.

11. To clean a metal watch case or watchband, brush with a toothbrush and soapy water, then dry with a soft cloth.

12. Do not expose leather watch straps to water or sunlight for prolonged amounts of time.

13. Do not expose the watch to any types of solvants, detergents, perfume or other chemical cosmetic products.

14. Avoid exposing the watch to temperatures greater than 60°C or lower than –10°C for prolonged periods of time.

15. The waterproofness of the watch should be checked regularly according to use.

16. For quartz watches, the battery should be replaced immediately when it is dead to prevent leakage damaging the movement. Quartz watches with 3-hands  have a  battery-out warning function in which the second hand jumps every four seconds when the battery is low. Quartz watches with just 2-hands do not have this function, and the battery should be replaced immediately when they run behind or stop completely.