Harmonic Collection

The Harmonic Collection of Ernest Borel’s draws inspiration from Schubert’s immortal masterpiece Serenade. The opus starts with soft and melodic chords, then a crescendo of emotion and speed in the intervals which culminate in the passionate last movement. It evokes a journey through a dreamy forest under the silvery moonlight to the sweet embrace of the lover. The sweet, heartfelt sensation in the melodies corresponds to Ernest Borel’s time-honoured motto ‘Romantic moments’. With touched love story and beautiful tune, the Swiss watchmaker pays homage to love, the everlasting musical motif, gives best wishes to all the people who are in love through Harmonic Collection that consolidates permanent the elegant and romantic legacy of both Ernest Borel and lovers’ serenades.

Stainless steel + IP Plating
Stainless steel
quartz movement
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